genealogist Marc Jarzebowski in Berlin on the Alt-Schöneberg cemetery

Dr. Marc Jarzebowski

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since 2004

Genealogy in Berlin: Marc Jarzebowski on a visit at the Ostwald family for shooting videos on the escape from East Prussia

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Soviet party leader Nikita Khrushchev announces the Two States Theory on 26 July 1955: recognition of the FRG and the GDR as two separate sovereign states.

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Genealogy and History

I have been researching topics of all kinds in genealogy and history for over fifteen years, assisting people worldwide in search of their roots in Germany or in formerly German-settled lands, together with my partners. One of the focal points here is the history of Jewish families.

Our application of scientific standards combined with investigative instincts has often proved helpful, even if it does not apparently lead further. You can find more information about our work here.

Taking the notion that the past in many ways shapes our present, our concern is the broad spectrum of the culture of commemoration, such as the production of eye witness accounts videos. All our videos can also be found on our Youtube channel.