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Renata Rich,
Mernda/Victoria, Australia

We first met Marc over email. I was trying to track my father’s cousin, Margot Jabs who lived in Berlin. My father got out of Berlin in Feb, 1939 with his parents. Two of his father’s siblings remained behind. One was deported to Auschwitz with her family and one remained living and surviving in Berlin, Siegfried Reich, throughout the war working at Ka De Wa and living with his non Jewish wife Vera (nee Wojcieszak) and daughter. When I first engaged Marc all I knew was that Margot existed. We did not know how old she was, what her surname was or if she were still alive. He helped me find her married name, and her mother’s maiden name and I wrote to all Jabs and Wojcieszaks remaining in Berlin. Marc posted the letters and received the replies because we did not speak German. After several months we received a letter from a family who was Margot’s cousin on her mother’s side! We visited this family and have made a long term connection to them. By the time we had tracked down Margot she had sadly died – 2016 – we were so close! Nonetheless Marc accompanied us to the Probate Office and we were able to read her file – quite extraordinary. Marc went over and above – meeting us for lunch when we came to Berlin in 2017, and investing his time in our story! We were so grateful. He is an amazing genealogical detective! So well worth engaging his services if you need any help!

Barry Krueger,
Bannockburn/Victoria, Australia

My ancestors migrated to South Australia between 1841 and 1858. It has been my pleasure to work with Marc over the last eight years. Marc searched archives in Germany and Poland on my behalf. His reports are insightful and well-supported by documentary evidence, together with relevant information about the historical context. My genealogy has been extended well beyond that which is available on the internet and subscription sites. Marc comes with my highest recommendation.

Dan Haneckow,
Portland/Oregon, USA

As much as I love doing my own research, after years of trying I realized that if I ever wanted the mystery of my family’s history solved, I would need someone who really knew how to access records in Germany. Marc found what I needed in a church in Bruessow, a small town in northeastern Brandenburg, that held the records of Battin, an even smaller village, that were never microfilmed or digitized. His work opened up a whole world of fascinating history. It allowed me to re-establish contact with, and eventually visit, my family’s ancestral village. I highly recommend Marc.

Dan Haneckow’s Blog

Jon Todd Koenig,
Austin/Texas, USA

Marc has performed a number of difficult research projects for me and is always very thorough and professional in his work product. Where a new disovery is made, the evidence is always clear, and where a brick wall or dead end exists, Marc makes sure to explain it and offer up alternate avenues for exploration. I continue to work with Marc, and would recommend him to anyone who is looking to trace their German, Polish, or Prussian roots.