Thank you for the amasing work you have done so far, all in our familyare really impressed, and recently it was the 26th of January – ie my grandfather’s birthday! So my Mother (with some relatives) celebrated it for the first time in her life, she even cooked German food and bought some German wine.

T.C. from the UK


Thank you very much for your work in researching our family tree. The exact origin of our family, primarily our grandparents and great-grandparents on my mother’s side, has been a great mystery to us for some time. We are very glad that we were able to enlist your services to unravel this long standing mystery. We feel that you have been diligent in your efforts and that your search was very thorough and fruitful. All of my family members are satisfied with your work and we are fascinated by the details of our family history you were able to devulge. This has brought all of us much closer to our own Jewish heritage as well as closer as a family. There is no doubt that everyone in my family who has contributed to the research agrees, the historic details you were able to find has been money well spent … Thanks again for your fine and detailed work, for us your professional experience has been invaluable.

D.B. from Pennsylvania/USA


Thanks a lot Marc. Appreciate the speed of your actions.
My parents are having a weekend in the first week of July (I believe July 7th) to celebrate my father’s 80th and my parents’ 50th and it would be great if I could show my father at least one document related to his parents.

Thank you so much for all your efforts. I am amazed at the amount of time and efforts, not to mention ingenuity, you have put into this research and am truly grateful.

Once again, thank you, thank you and again thank you for all your time and energy you put into this project.

M.F. from Israel


I really love the idea of setting up a family tree. I look forward to more information, we are certainly establishing a long pedigree! My niece is about to have a baby, so that baby will be able to go back very many generations one day thanks to this.

G.A. from Florida/USA


I wish to pay a tribute to Marc Jarzebowski’s tenacious, inspired and competent (genealogic) research, which enabled me a year down the road and after reading 10 emotional reports to discover the roots and personal saga of my jewish father in pre war Germany and in the process more than 8 cousins spread around the world. I am most grateful to him. It had been my obsession for more than 35 years. I can now proudly share all the results with my own family.

P.A.P from Italy