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The Unknown Headquarters of World War Crime

Discoveries at the edge of genealogy Do you know Wünsdorf? - I didn't know it until I found it on the map near Zossen. Zossen is a small town south of Berlin, with a pretty but much too small district court building. I recently had work to do there for a genealogy...

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My Genealogy Year 2022

Archives and Libraries The year began for me as the old one had ended: with no end to pandemic-related restrictions. Gradually, however, normality returned to archives and libraries. When I was able to pass through the barrier to the reading room of the...

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Disappeared Places

Do you also know this? Lenschow no longer exists. Have you ever come across a place during your research that you could not find? Neither on google maps nor on any other modern map? I have experienced this several times, and each time it took me some time longer than...

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Saxony-Anhalt Address Directories

A New Find Some time ago, I located an address directory for the small town of Gernrode in the Harz Mountains from 1905 in the city archives of Quedlinburg. It is only a thin booklet with about 60 pages, but was of great importance for one of my numerous researches in...

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First time. Research in Lübeck

A long List As a family researcher, I have traveled quite far in Germany in the 15 years of my work. The share of online work is getting higher and higher, but visits to archives are always necessary and in demand. Hamburg, Hanover, Leipzig, Rostock, Bremen,...

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Catholic Church Records in Brandenburg

Church Structures Brandenburg was strongly Lutheranized by the Reformation and strongly secularized by the GDR. Nevertheless, there were and still are Catholic parishes in the federal state, which surrounds the capital Berlin on all sides. Today's Catholic structures...

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The new Old State Library

State Library Construction Site Much has been said about the longest and largest construction site in Berlin: the new BER airport. In the meantime, it is in operation, albeit more poorly than well. Another major construction site has taken at least as long. For 16...

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Jewish Congregations in Philadelphia

Homeward It was great to come home this May and walk the streets of Philadelphia again. Virtually, at least. I have felt very connected to the city with its long immigration history since I immigrated there myself with my family, at least for a year, in June 2007....

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The Column of the Prisoners

The column Since 2000, a stele made of basalt lava, wrapped in a heavy, rusty chain, has stood in Berlin-Lichterfelde at Wismarer Strasse 26-36 on the Teltow Canal. This Column of Prisoners by the Rhineland-Palatinate sculptor Günther Öllers (1925-2011) commemorates a...

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