We undertake genealogical research in its many forms, to many ends. This may be the acquisition of individual documents or the preparation of entire family histories, or this may be for private, scientific journalistic or official purposes (such as application for German citizenship). Every project being individual, it is not possible to list a definitive estimate of anticipated costs here. Please tell us of your request and we will gladly provide you with a quote, free and without obligation.

We use all avenues of online research; we work in all archives, libraries and other relevant institutions in Berlin and we also travel within Germany and Poland. Please click here to see a selection of institutions relating for our work. We also have a network of cooperation partners in Germany alongside countries such as Poland, Russia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, France, and Italy.

Please click here, if you would like to see more about how we work, or simply send us an e-mail. The results of our research are usually presented in detailed reports, with illustrations and transcriptions of the records found, alongside genealogical maps and ancestry. Further, we can also create family chronicles, websites, and decorative family trees (examples: family tree showing ancestry, family tree showing descendants, family tree showing familial relationships).