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City of Peace Weissenberg

Religious settlement, KZ, Soviet Garrison Hardly any other place in Brandenburg presents itself as much as a place of history as the Friedensstadt (city of peace) in Glau, situated in the Nuthe-Nieplitz Nature Park in Lower Fläming, between the small town of Trebbin...

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Aharon Appelfeld: Meine Eltern (english review)

Childhood as a Core In my understanding, literary works are often - just like family trees, only in a different way - the result of an occupation with one's own roots. The processing of memories of one's own childhood, of parents and grandparents in fictional texts is...

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Historical sites Historical places have a special power. I firmly believe that visiting an authentic site can help to better understand the past. And in a different, perhaps more direct way than reading books or watching movies. For this reason I consider the...

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Jewish Cemeteries in Brandenburg

Brandenburg/Havel Already in the Middle Ages there were Jewish cemeteries in Brandenburg upon Havel. In 1747, the area on today's Geschwister-Scholl-Strasse was established as a cemetery and expanded in the 19th century. In 1860 there were over 200 graves. During the...

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Rebecca Clifford: Survivors

Good Luck or a Burden? People who survived persecution by the Nazis as children, child survivors, have increasingly become the focus of Holocaust research in recent years. There are two main reasons for this: First, more than 75 years after the events, they are the...

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Niklas Frank: In the Shadow of the Reich

Family Gossip "I'm lucky, I can gather the scraps of your life from the archives of Europe and the USA, I can look at them without being bothered by the lying family gossip." The reasons for doing family research can be very different. But it is always about the...

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Family Research in Times of Corona

Homeoffice as usual Corona has also changed my work as a family researcher. At first, there was not much of that, in March and April. Because home office is everyday life for me. I spend about 80% of my time at the computer anyway, with customer contacts, writing...

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